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Sugihara bars started manufacturing chainsaw bars in 1967 by Hideo Sugihara. Japan has always had a reputation for excellence forging and working steel. Having the knowledge to manufacture quality chainsaw bars is not something that is gained overnight. It is a complex process of which cutting out the initial bar is only one part.

Sugihara bars have been produced by the Sugihara family since the factory began and knowledge has been passed from father to son. Tomo Sugihara (son of Hideo Sugihara) grew up understanding and building chainsaw bars. Yuki Sugihara (son of Tomo Sugihara) now heads the marketing department of the company. Many of the employees who work in the factory have worked there for one or even two generations. Other manufacturers may produce in different factories in different parts in the world. Sugihara bars have always been produced in the same factory by the same family.

Sugihara (10)

Sugihara 16″ Light Type Pro – 3/8 Lo Pro .050 55 drive links


Sugihara 16″ Light Type Pro – 3/8 Lo Pro .050 58 drive links


Sugihara 18″ Light Type Pro – .325 .058 72 drive links


Sugihara 20″ Light Type Pro – .325 .058 80 drive links


Sugihara 24″ Light Type Pro – 3/8 .058 84 drive links


Sugihara 30″ Light Type Pro – 3/8 .063 98 drive links


Sugihara 36″ Light Type Pro – 3/8 .063 114 drive links


Sugihara 36″ Light Type Pro – 3/8 .063 115 drive links


Sugihara 18″ Pro Lam – .325 .050 74 drive links